How To Assemble An Olympic Weight Bench Set

How to assemble an Olympic weight bench is a timeless piece of male knowledge. Olympic weight benches vary in cost, complexity and weight limits. Most contain both weights, and the typical bench apparatus. Now let us dive in.

To assemble an Olympic weight bench, you will need:

  • A complete set of torque wrenches
  • A complete set of Allen wrenches
  • An assembly area clear of debris

Typically your bench set comes in a plain box. The box can vary in weight as there are often weights included with your bench. It is recommended that you do not use your back to lift the boxed set and that you get help moving it. Typically your set will include:

  • A weight bar
  • A set of cement or steel gravity weights ranging from 5 pounds to 25 pounds each
  • An unassembled bench
  • A set of support bars that attach to the top of the bench
  • Weight stabilizers

Most often this set is assembled, and not moved afterwards. This means it is best assembled in the area it will remain in. So you should clear out a space in an area you believe will be its permanent home.

  1. Put the weight bar together first. Place a weight suitable for bench pressing on the bar, being careful to match a balancing weight on both sides. Make sure that the gripping bar is in the middle, and then place the stabilizers on the outside. You now have a secure and balanced weight bar.
  2. Next take out the bench. In your box it will most probably be a series of bars. These bars will be separated into three parts. There will be two sets of every piece for a total of six weight bench bars. There will be two curved portions (support), one long portion (the bench rail) and the support pads. Put the rods together into an interlocking position. Most sets have screws or Allen bolts that secure each piece. At the end of this process you will have two identical rail-like rods that curve down to the ground on the ends.
  3. You will attach the support pads and end up with a self-supporting bench you can sit or lay on. The final part is to attach the weight support rods to the top of the bench. These are easy as they simply screw on the outside of the upper legs of the weight bench.

There you have it! What you should do is get a spotter your first time just to make sure you have secured all the bolts tightly. Spotting the first time is essential in case the bench collapses, you don’t want 110 pounds landing in your face! Enjoy your weight bench.

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