How To Assemble Skateboard Trucks

Learning how to assemble skateboard trucks is a good maintenance activity. Skateboard trucks are the wheels and suspension to your skateboard. Learning how to assemble skateboard trucks will also allow you to disassemble them for cleaning and replacement of bearing and wheels. Skateboard trucks are the centerpiece to the skateboard. Learning how to assemble them will help you to upgrade and maintain this centerpiece. Money is tight nowadays so why not learn to assemble trucks to save some green by performing your own adjustments, maintenance and replacements. Follow these simple steps on how to assemble skateboard trucks.

What you will need:

  • Screwdriver (usually Phillips)
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Skateboard trucks

How to assemble skateboard trucks:

  1. Assembling skateboard trucks is a simple operation. To begin with, take the kingpin (bolt) and the bearings (look sort of like a washer). Place the kingpin in the bolthole on the truck. Be sure to slide the bearings in before you place in the kingpin.
  2. Finger tighten the kingpin. Next, place one wheel on and tighten with a wrench. Follow this with the other wheel. Spin the wheels to ensure they spin freely. Loosen if needed.
  3. Lastly, place the truck on the skateboard. The kingpin should face inward. Line up the four screw holes and secure the truck. Once secure, you can now tinker with the give of the board. This is done by adjusting the kingpin with the wrench. Work this to your personal preference.


Periodically dismantling your trucks will allow you to clean and inspect the parts associated with the trucks. This should be a normal routine for any serious skateboarder.

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