How To Assemble A Weider Home Gym

If you're trying to become a fitness buff, you may want to learn how to assemble a Weider Home Gym. Weider Fitness is getting to be known in the business as the everyday man’s solution to having the most complete workout in the privacy and the comfort of your own home. The Weider Home Gym system provides an all-in-one assembly that can be assembled and fit into any room of any residence. When you get to know how to assemble a Weider Home Gym system, going to the gym will take on an entirely new meaning.

To assemble a Weider Home Gym, you will need:

  • Any of the Weider Home Gym models (Advantage, X-Factor, 8980 W)
  • The proper assembly manual
  • A clear space at home
  • A set of basic tools and measuring tape at arm’s reach
  • Patience
  • A technically-sound assistant (if available)
  1. Get in the proper mindset. First off, if you’re not quite the technically-inclined type of person and have trouble differentiating a nut from a bolt, you will need to prepare yourself for a process that may become tedious, but will be a learning experience for you if you decide to go at it yourself. If you can get over that, you will save the trouble of throwing your tools all over the place and getting frustrated over and over during the entire assembly process.
  2. Read the instructions carefully and understand everything. Everyone tends to get over-excited when trying to put together a new toy or, in this case, the Weider gym, together. This over-excitement tends to derail the natural process of reading the instructions first before having a go at it. For the non-technical individual, reading and understanding the instructions should be given priority, as this will possibly remove one stumbling block from your progress.
  3. Prepare the area. Your efforts assembling and using your Weider Home Gym would be for naught if the area you’re supposed to have it occupy is a mess in the first place or lacks the necessary space. The instruction manual should have an accurate measurement of how much area you’ll need. Preparing the area before even unloading the gym assembly would be the logical route to take. This is just proper planning, and as they say, he who fails to plan, plans to fail.
  4. Get help. When assembling and setting up a complex machine such as the Weider Home Gym, one should do away with future frustrations in the process and be prepared to call for some help. There is a reason why the Weider website does not advertise a tagline “easy to assemble” for their home gym machines. If it is possible, get someone who is technically sound and knows his way around a workshop.
  5. If it's not working properly, it wasn’t assembled properly. If you consider yourself to be a 100-pound weakling and you surprisingly find the 150-pound resistance setting ridiculously easy, it’s obvious that the assembly didn’t go as planned. To keep this from happening, you need to go back to step two above, and if you’re adamantly sure that you followed the directions and still got the same output, be prepared to seek some help.

Getting in shape and learning to be a fitness buff should be one of the best decisions a person can make in his lifetime. For those who are financially capable of doing so, getting your own Weider Home Gym is taking this to another level. As many may agree, setting up the assembly can be a workout on its own. So if it’s possible, have someone from the store you bought it from assemble it for you at home. This ensures less hassle and guaranteed perfection in getting your own well-oiled and assembled Weider Home Gym.

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