How to Assert Your Presence at Your Workplace

To assert your presence at your workplace in a positive way, you will need to outshine your co-workers in your attitude, work habits, and productivity. Keep in mind that asserting your presence at your workplace can take time.  If you try too hard to assert your presence all at once, you may come across as pushy and domineering.

  1. Be the best at what you do. The best way to assert your presence at your workplace is to outperform your co-workers. This includes producing high-quality work, using your time productively, and maintaining a positive attitude while you’re at work.
  2. Voice your opinion frequently. You can assert your presence at your workplace and make sure that your opinions are counted by offering new ideas and coming up with solutions to your company’s problems.
  3. Be friendly, but steer clear of office politics and gossip. Asserting your presence at your workplace means making contact with your co-workers and establishing yourself as a go-to person. To ensure that you assert a positive presence, make sure that your interactions are always professional and respectful.
  4. Volunteer for special projects. In addition to making yourself available to co-workers, you can assert your presence in your workplace by helping out management by volunteering to serve on committees and working on special projects that go beyond your expected responsibilities.  
  5. Show self-confidence. If you want to assert your presence at your workplace, demonstrate that you believe in yourself and your abilities as a worker and a leader, by making eye contact during conversations, speaking in a clear voice, and taking pride in your appearance.
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