How To Attach Bindings To Wakeboard

The most important thing that you need to learn before you try wakeboarding for the first time is how to attach bindings to wakeboard. The way your bindings are attached controls the way the wakeboard handles. By adjusting the width your feet are spread a part, and the angle they are at, you can greatly affect the amount of stability you have, and set your board up properly for your skill level.

To adjust the wakeboard bindings, you will need.

  • Wakeboard
  • Boarding boots
  • Binding screws
  • Philips screw driver
  1. Position the wakeboard boots on your wakeboard. It is important to put them the proper distance apart and at the proper angles. To find out the right distance for you jump up in to the air and pay attention to how far your feet are apart when you land. This should be the most comfortable distance to set your boots at. The angle of your boots depends on your skill level. As a beginner your back foot should be closer to the back of the board and at a 0 degree angle. Your front foot should be at a comfortable angle between 15 and 27 degrees.
  2. Lock the wakeboard boots in place. To lock your boots in to the wakeboard bindings insert screws through the holes on the boots and in to the holes drilled in to the wakeboard. Tighten these screws with your fingers or with a Phillips screwdriver until the boots are snug.
  3. Test the wakeboard bindings to be sure that they are not going anywhere. After the boots are locked in to place on the wakeboard bindings, pull on them to ensure that they aren’t going anywhere. Try to wiggle the boots around, and tighten the screws as needed.

Tips and Warnings:

  • By adjusting the angle of your front and back wakeboard boots you can alter your stance to work with more advanced moves.
  • Boots that aren’t locked in to place properly can come unattached from your wakeboard bindings and result in injuries.

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