How To Attach Football Helmet Chin Strap

The game is tied in the fourth quarter and it's 4th and 1, the last thing you want to worry about is figuring out how to attach a football helmet chin strap. However, it's still responsible for holding your helmet in place when you receive that crushing tackle, so knowing how to do so wouldn't be such a bad idea either. The good thing is that it's an easy process that doesn't require very much; all you need is the actual chin strap and the helmet.

  1. Locate the placement. The outer shell of the helmet should have two chin strap buckles on either side behind the face guard. These are the buckles that will attach the football helmet chin strap, keeping it in place. Also, the chin strap should have four bands that almost make somewhat of an “X” shape.

  1. Click the football helmet chin strap in place. Buckle the top (left and right) straps in place first. These should be attached to the two buckles on the football helmet on either side, behind the face guard. Make sure the that after you attach the football helmet chin strap, it's facing the right way; the softer side should be cradling your chin.

  1. Adjust the football helmet chin strap to the correct size. You can pull at the straps to make them tighter or looser, depending on the size of your head. You can also try the helmet on, to be certain, and have somebody else adjust the straps for you if necessary.

  1. Try out the new fit. The bottom two straps are only buckled in place when you're in a playing situation. Make sure the helmet isn't too tight or loose and if it doesn't fit you right, simply adjust the straps a bit.

After you know how easy it is to attach a football helmet chin strap, you'll be prepared and ready for any game situation.

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