How To Attach Freestyle Ski Bindings

Do you want to know how to attach freestyle ski bindings? Freestyle skiing is especially hard on the equipment. The freestyle ski bindings must provide safe support to the skier while traversing rough and uneven terrain, jumping and especially landing. In those moments, the force applied to the skis through the bindings can be up to ten times the weight of the skier, and not always on smooth powder, more likely on hard packed snow or even ice. For that reason, freestyle ski bindings are more robust than regular bindings.

What you need to attach freestyle ski bindings is:

  • A set of screwdrivers. At least one each flathead and Philips.
  • A work bench.
  • Screws, and nuts if needed.

Steps to attach freestyle ski bindings:

  1. Choose the placement of the bindings. The toepiece and heelpiece must be at the exact distance to ensure a good boot fitting. Even though in most cases you can later readjust the distance between both parts of the freestyle ski binding, placing them correctly is key.
  2. If the skis had no nuts to screw bindings on, carefully drill holes to install the nuts. The nuts must be correctly glued. Epoxy or other strong cement are recommended.
  3. Place both the toepiece and the heelpiece of the freestyle ski binding of one ski, and do not screw them too tight. Try the boot on. If the distance is right, you can then proceed with the next ski.
  4. Once the bindings are in the right position, screw them tightly. It´s important that the screws and nuts you use are new, as worn pieces may determine a loose binding thus big problems up the hill.
  5. Double check every part of the bindings before going up the mountain. Every single task is easier at the shop than up the mountain. Be cautious, and take your time to double check the status of your freestyle ski bindings and other equipment before heading up. 

Remember to use a helmet always when freestyle skiing, and have fun!


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