How To Attach A Guitar Strap

Learning how to attach a guitar strap to your guitar is essential for any sort of guitar playing while standing up. If you've ever tried, you know it's just not the same trying to hold a guitar up while playing it. This comes in handy when you're performing. Sure, you might want to just sit on a stool up there on stage, but that might be a bit boring. If you want to be high-energy up there, you'll want to know how to use that guitar strap.

  1. Attach the bottom of the guitar strap to the base of the guitar: The place for the strap is sometimes called the pin, or sometimes just called the strap holder on the bottom. Whatever you call it, your strap should have a hole to go over the strap holder that will keep your strap securely on the bottom of your guitar.
  2. Attach the top of the guitar strap where you can: You usually have two options. Guitars sometimes come with a second strap holder at the top of the body of the guitar. If your guitar has one, you can attach a guitar strap to that holder, and voilà! You have attached your guitar strap to the guitar. If your guitar has no strap holder, you can also tie the top of the strap on the head, under the strings and right above the nut. If you have the money, you can also go to a guitar shop and have someone install a strap holder to the body of your guitar. Depending on how cheap a price you can find, this might be well worth the investment.
  3. Adjust the guitar strap:  Though you are technically done attaching the guitar strap to your guitar, take a moment to adjust the strap so that it fits your body and playing style. Where you want the guitar in relation to your body is completely up to you and depends on how you feel comfortable. You might also want to take the strap off and adjust it like that to make it a bit easier. Now that you know how to attach a guitar strap to your guitar, you can do this with ease.
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