How To Attach Paddleboy Molly Kayak Cart

If you are confused about your Paddleboy Molly Kayak Cart, learn about how to attach your Paddleboy Molly Kayak Cart. The Paddleboy Molly kayak cart is small, but it can easily and efficiently pull your kayak. The Paddleboy Molly Kayak cart is designed to sit inside your kayak after you pull your kayak to water, there is no need to store it somewhere. The Paddleboy Molly Kayak Cart can make transporting your kayak easier, just make sure it is compatible with your sea or touring kayak. Learn about how to attach your Paddleboy Molly Kayak Cart:

In order to learn about how to attach your Molly Kayak Cart, you will need:

  • Ten minutes
  • A sea or touring kayak
  1. Put your kayak on the Molly Kart platform. Your kayak should sit lengthwise across the "V-shape" of the Molly kayak cart. The Molly kayak cart can safety hold up to 200 pounds. Don't be afraid that your kayak will break the cart.
  2. Secure your kayak with the straps. Make sure the keel of your kayak is secure in the V of the Molly Kayak cart. There should be a triangle strap point toward you, from which you will pull the Paddleboy Molly kayak cart. There is also a side buckle which you need to clasp before rolling your kayak to water.
  3. Place the Molly Kart in your kayak. The Molly Kayak cart is approximately four pounds. The Molly kayak cart can easily fit inside your kayak with you. Just unbuckle the sidebuckle and loosten the straps to remove your kayak from the Paddleboy Molly Kayak cart.
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