How To Attach Surf Leash

Got a surfboard leash and need to learn how to attach your surf leash to your surf board? Then this is the how to guide for you. Instead of making a complicated guide like the one that came with surf leash we have made it as simple as possible. All you are going to need is about ten to fifteen minutes of your time. Before you get starting on attaching your surf leash to your surf board you maybe wondering why you need to even bother attaching your surf leash. The answer is quite simple if you happen to wipe out the surf leash keeps you attach to your board so you do not lose it. Your surf board can also be used as a flotation device if you got injured you can always lay down on surf board and drift back to shore.

Now that we got that out of the way you are also going to need these materials before you can get started:

  • Surfboard
  • Surfboard leash
  • Leash Cord
  1. The first step to attaching your surf leash to your surfboard is to tie the leash string. You can tie the leash string by using a knot. It does not matter what type of knot you use because any type of knot works. Before attaching the surf leash to the leash cord make sure it is sewn loop. If you have a Velcro strap just strap the leash cord and the leash string together.
  2. The second step to attaching your surf leash to your surfboard is to straighten the cord and pinch the end opposite the knot together. After you have done that thread the end through the leash plug and out.
  3. The third and final step to attaching your surf leash is to tie another knot. This time attaching the surf leash cord to your surf leash plug. Once again if you happen to have a Velcro surf leash just attach it together.

Congratulations you have just finish attaching your surf leash to your surf board. Have fun surfing and be safe.

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