How To Attract Deer

Knowing how to attract deer can be very beneficial for deer hunting or even just for deer watching. Deer are normally very private and easily startled animals which makes them somewhat difficult to spot. This article will give you some helpful tips on how to attract deer.

  1. Feed them regularly.  Food is a great method to attract deer.  Deer will return to areas where they've found delicious food in the past. Try scattering corn feed or old bread in the area where you want to attract the deer. Deer are most often seen in the dusk and dawn hours so make sure there is plenty of food during those times to increase your chances of attracting deer.
  2. Use scent. Many people have found success in attracting deer using doe scent. Doe scent can be purchased from many hunting stores and is used to attract bucks. To use the doe scent, place a few drops on trees or leaves in the area where you want to attract the buck.
  3. Use salt blocks. Deer love salt blocks. Salt blocks can be purchased at hunting stores and even at a few pet stores. Simply place the salt block on a stand or hang it from a tree where you want the deer to gather.
  4. Use plants. Having plants that deer enjoy is a great way to keep deer coming back. Some common plants that deer love to eat are pansies, poison ivy, and tulips. They will also eat garden vegetables,  many shrubs and also tree bark.



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