How To Attract Girls At School

With peer pressure and competition between guys, knowing how to attract girls at school may be a bit hard. It may seem like the popular and athletic boys are always the ones to attract the most girls. You may be wondering what he has that you don’t; confidence is a key factor in attracting girls.

What you need to attract girls:

  • Confidence
  • Good personality
  • Patience
  1. You don’t necessarily have to be the best looking guy to attract girls. When you spot her in the hall, if your eyes meet, don’t turn away. This is your chance to let her know you are feeling her. Give her a little grin and nod. She will know what you are trying to say, but don’t go up to her just yet until you know for sure she’s attracted to you. Don't risk embarrassment.

  2. Never be pushy when trying to attract girls. She may like it when she knows you are attracted to her, just don’t try too hard. If you seem like you are running up behind her and trying to be too nice, that might backfire on you, even if you are appealing to her. She may try to use your generosity to her advantage; you don’t want that to happen.

  3. It’s okay to be nice to girls at school, but make sure you are confident and not arrogant. Pay her compliments, walk up behind her and tell her how good she looks today, then keep walking. This will have her blushing. The next time you see her, she may approach you and there is nothing wrong with being a young gentleman. If you see she is about to drop her books, it’s okay to lend her a hand in picking them up. Hold the door open for her, don’t just let it slam in her face. You can’t always be worried about what your friends will say if you want to attract girls.

  4. You may think money, popularity and good looks are all that attract girls at school. All these things may attract the superficial girl trying to make a name for herself; those are the types you want to stay away from. Because the moment they find something bigger and better, they are gone. Try to attract girls at school who are genuine and who don’t limit themselves to one type of guy: Mr. Popularity or the jock.

If you are a nice guy with a great personality, whether you are outgoing or a bit shy, girls at school will take notice. You shouldn’t have any problem attracting girls. Just don't try to be someone you are not to attract girls.

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