How To Attract Hot Girls

Become the talk of the town by taking this advice on how to attract hot girls. What is a hot girl? Hot girls are the females that most guys drool over after becoming choked up when spoken to. Ever see one of those guys? A hot girl walks by and he's fixated as his upper body seems to inflate by one size, possibly two depending on the girl's look. But this guy doesn't know the tricks needed to seal the deal. The question is, what attracts a hot girl? With this step-by-step guide, a man can be one step closer to attracting that hot girl. Live and learn, guys.

  1. Be honest. Hot girls rarely get a reputation as the sharpest tools in the shed, but do not believe everything you hear. Hot girls will not be attracted to a guy that pretends to be a weight trainer when he can't lift two cans of beer without falling over. Be honest about about your identity; women will pick up on this.
  2. Have confidence and offer compliments. Having confidence can get the weakest link included. Hot girls like confidence. Without confidence, a man can appear weak. Give yourself more credit, it can make all the difference. Do not be afraid of telling a hot girl she's nice looking; just don't go up to her telling her she's stacked. Some men have made that mistake.
  3. Show self control. Hot girls do not like a lack of control. So, when a hot girl walks by, do not start bouncing off of the wall hoping to grab all of her attention. A lack of self control drives most people away.
  4. Use music. Hot girls usually like the latest hot songs. When around hot girls, play some medium to low music or simply hum a tune. This can work at most outdoor venues. Girls tend to love music.
  5. Ask her out. So, beefing up your image may not be enough. If this is so, then ask her out! Simply walk up to her, clear the cobwebs from your throat, tone down the heartbeat, then ask the hot girl out for dinner and dancing. When you ask a hot girl out she will be attracted to the idea; in most cases, it's about attention.
  6. Make eye contact. Give the hot girl some eye contact; don't be shy. The worst that can happen is she turns around. But hot girls enjoy the attention, very much so. When she walks by, give her a glance. Although again, just make sure you do not go overboard.
  7. Serve her. Hot girls are attracted to a guy that pampers the gal he is with at the time. Ever hear girls go, "Oh, that's sweet" whenever you offer a woman a drink, to get it and hand it to her? Fetch some drinks; this round's on you at that hot table.
  8. Use your body language and vocabulary. Smooth-talking men tend to attract hot girls, it's a given. But it's also in the body language. It's time for some Bradley Cooper lessons and dialogue. Watch some movies with smooth-operating Bradley Cooper and observe his acting skills. Brush up that slick appeal and vocabulary with some savvy moves and words to use around women, and you will surely attract those hot girls.
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