How To Authenticate Autographed Baseball

Getting an autographed baseball can be really cool, but it also may leave you wondering “how to authenticate autographed baseball?” After all, it seems like anybody with just a pen, a baseball and a great eye for copying could suddenly reproduce any great baseball player's signature. Well, here are some surefire ways to authenticate autographed baseball so that you’ll know your collection is absolutely legit.

  1. Get a picture of the baseball being signed. One of the best ways to authenticate autographed baseball is by getting an actual picture of the baseball player signing the baseball. Many dealers who go to sports shows will take a picture and sell that picture along with the baseball. The old adage, “a picture is worth a thousand words” certainly applies here.
  2. Get a certificate of authentication. Another way to authenticate autographed baseball is to be sure that the signature comes with a certificate of authentication. Many dealers will also provide this certificate that details where and when the autograph was obtained. The downside to this measure is that anyone with a printer and computer can create a certificate. However, if the dealer is reputable, it’s a pretty sure sign.
  3. Have the signature authenticated by a professional. To go the extra mile and authenticate an autographed baseball, bring in a professional who authenticates documents and sports memorabilia for a living. This person will take into account things like the signature and age of the baseball. Then, based on their professional opinion, make a determination.



  • Always try to get a baseball autographed in person for your own collection. That way, there’s no need to authenticate the autographed baseball because you got the signature yourself!
  • If you ever plan on selling pieces of your baseball collection, be sure to try and take pictures and create dated certificates so that your buyers will have the peace of mind to know that your collection is legitimate.



PSA (Professional Sports Authenticators) 

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