How To Authenticate A Cartier Watch

Learning how to authenticate a Cartier watch should be done before its purchase. Cartier is a household name known for there fine craftsmanship and high quality products. Cartier watches are very expensive, so if you wish to invest in a Cartier watch you need to know how authenticate it. Here's how to authenticate a Cartier watch.

  1. Quality. Cartier is one of the finest watch makers in the world. They quality of a Cartier watch should be impeccable. The craftsmanship of a high-quality product should be evident. Look carefully at how the watch is put together pay attention to the weight and quality of materials used on the watch. If all these factors give off an impression of the highest quality then chances are your Cartier is authentic.
  2. Examine the details. The best way to authenticate a Cartier watch is to closely examine the details of the watch. Carefully pay attention to the weight of the watch. The high quality materials Cartier used will weigh more than cheap imitation materials. Carefully check the Cartier logo of the watch. An authentic Cartier will possess  the logo of two "C"s sitting back to back. The logo will be on the back of the watch, on the  buckle of the watch and on the dial of the watch.
  3. Location. Cartier is a jewerly and watch making company form Europe. France to be exact. Any low-priced watches claiming to be authentic Cartier but have origins in Asia or South America should be treated with a great deal of caution.
  4. Contact Cartier! Simply contact Cartier with your watche's serial number and they will be happy to tell you whether your watch is authentic or not.

Although all these methods will help you greatly in authenticating a Cartier watch the best way to make sure that  a Cartier is authentic is to only buy from licensed Cartier dealers.

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