How To Avoid Anxiety Before Sex

Need to know how to avoid anxiety before sex? Avoiding anxiety before and during sex is something most people have to deal with. Lets be honest though, shouldn't you be happy you're getting to have sex? Seriously though, anxiety before sex is avoidable as long as you remember a few things.

  1. Just Breath. No really, take deep breaths. Before all the fun begins, and if you have time to, try to go to the side and take some deep breaths. Breathing exercise are an old way to calm any nerve you may have.
  2. TVs And Movies Aren't Real. Entertaining, yes. Realistic, no. Hardly anyone on this place has sex regularly to the levels of Hollywood cinema or porn on the Internet for that matter. As filtrated as viewers are with subtly sex scenes and impossible expectations, it isn't any wonder there is so much anxiety before sex to meet those goals. So stop it. Keep your goal simple.
  3. Think Positive. The human brain is such a powerful mechanism. Sometimes, just thinking about something enough can help you achieve it. Instead of thinking to yourself "I hope I don't screw this up." Its better to think "This is going to be great." The more positive you are, the better the outcome will be. Once everything gets underway, try not to focus on yourself too much. The more you focus on your partners needs, the less you will be worried about what potential mistakes you could be making.
  4. You Aren't A Freak. Often times before sex, one can begin to analyze their body too much and by doing so, finding and picking at any "flaw" that is there. Just a head's up – no one has a perfect body. Chances are, your partner doesn't either. So, before sex (maybe while practicing your breathing exercises) try to point out the things you do like about yourself. And remember – sex is fun! Let it be.
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