How To Avoid Boring Sex

Are you stuck in a relationship rut and want to know how to avoid boring sex? Or maybe you've heard others complain about having boring sex and you're determined not to have that happen in your love life. Here's the deal: Your girl feels the same way. No one wants to have boring sex because it's supposed to feel good!

  1. Find an exciting partner. If you find the right partner from the start, you might not have boring sex. If you're adventurous, it's best to pair up with a woman who's also interested in trying new things. It's true that people who with a lot in common have less to fight about, so one way to avoid boring sex is through a partner with lots of tricks up her sleeve.
  2. Keep your mind open. Another way to avoid boring sex is to keep an open mind. This applies to both you and your partner. Sex will become routine (i.e. boring) if you do the same position, foreplay and maneuvers each time. You can try new things with an open mind. If you feel sex is becoming mundane, why not ask your partner for suggestions? Make it fun. Plan a date night where you spend time alone and cover sexual ground. Think up new techniques and games that appeal to you both. If your mind is open, you will try just about anything to avoid boring sex.
  3. Study, study, study. If you find yourself having boring sex, it's time to find new ways to relate to your partner and your sexuality. There are countless videos offering techniques, tips and tricks. You can also read books on sexuality and how to explore new sexual ground. Hopefully, your partner is open to these suggestions and will advance with you. After all, most women aren't impressed by counting the cracks on the ceiling while you do your thing. Girls want fun sex, too! If you and your lady study and learn how to have exciting sex, you will avoid boring sex in the future.
  4. It may be you. Face it. The reason you have boring sex might be your fault. Not everyone is born a fascinating lover. Most people work hard to gain sexual skill. The great thing about sex is that learning is fun! If your partner complains about boring sex, take a long look at yourself. It's okay to try new things in order to avoid boring sex. The open mind concept rings true, so if your lady says she's had it with boring sex, find new ways to please her. The flip side is also true. If your lover is boring, help her to find new ways to express herself sexually.
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