How To Avoid Breaking Up And Getting Back Together

Your relationship was great for a while, but there have been so many hectic ups and downs lately that you're not sure how to avoid breaking up and getting back together. Breaking up with someone only to come back for more of the same at a juncture is like building an emotional crap flavored layer cake. While some say their relationships were never better than they were after getting back together with their partner, those who want to keep things as uncomplicated as possible follow these rules as if their lives depended on it.

  1. Never cheat. Cheating is a great way to drive a relationship apart. Infidelity, by definition, occurs when at least one person isn't exactly ready for commitment. Being unfaithful is a surefire way to cause a split before you're ready to stop being together. When you're not finished fulfilling emotional roles for each other and you breakup, you can be sure you'll start to notice feelings crop up as soon as you see each other again, especially when you're drunk and she's looking all hot and bothered in the club.
  2. Think before you speak. If you're not sure you want to break up, but your friends keep telling you to dump her, perhaps you shouldn't listen to them. Premature, argument-driven breakups usually result in couples getting back together, so wait until you're certain you're done to tell her so. This also means that if you're wont to break up because of little events, you should try cooling off for a bit and considering whether satisfying your anger now by dumping her is worth the trouble of apologizing and buying her something nice just so you can get back to dating again later.
  3. Be forthcoming and flexible. In our modern age, full of booty-grinding hip-hop music and the ghosts of cultural values, flexibility is key. If you both want to see other people for a while, call it an "open relationship," and leave it at that. As long as you're up front with each other, everyone can fulfill their desires without sacrificing emotional comfort.
  4. If you're already apart stay apart. Don't take advantage of "easy booty" just because it's there. Such actions can only result in the resumption of your relationship, often under far more emotionally devastating circumstances than you originally experienced. As a general rule, just leave your exes alone unless you have a palace, bodyguards or a harem, in which case you can probably make your own rules.



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