How To Avoid Caught During Sex

For couples, younger couples in particular, it is important to know how to avoid caught during sex. While some people find it the occasional turn on to have sex in a situation where they have a chance to get caught, some couples have the issue of not having any other choice but to have sex in places with a high probability of getting caught. These types of situations are particularly prevalent among parents as well as younger couples with overly protective parents. This article goes over some basic guidelines to consider in avoiding getting caught during sex.

  1. Plan specific meetings meant just to have sex. One way to assist in the avoidance of getting caught during sex is to make plans ahead of time. By planning out a date or a specific outing that includes sex, all aspects of getting caught can be controlled. This is particularly prevalent for parents, taking a date night where both parents can sneak out on their own while their kids are being babysat is the perfect situation in which to have some sex without the worry of being caught.
  2. Drive to a secluded area and have sex in the car after a date. One way to ensure you both get in some private time is to take your car to a secluded area for a hot make out session that transitions into sex. Obviously, this is something that is used by a lot of younger couples to help achieve the privacy they desire and get away for over bearing or over protective parents.; however, it can work for couples across all ends of the spectrum, just don't get lost.
  3. Utilize more quickies. A simple way to avoid getting caught during sex is to utilize more quickies. Obviously, these aren't something that should completely make up the entire area of sex within a relationship, but they are perfect facets in which to release the tension quickly, reducing the possibility of getting caught as a result.
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