How To Avoid Craigslist Scams With Certified Checks

Keep your money and property safe by knowing how to avoid Craigslist scams with certified checks. Craigslist is a great way to find cheap furniture, a new apartment or a job. It's also a great way to get rid of stuff you don't want anymore and make some money at the same time. Unfortunately, Craigslist scams are not uncommon. Keep your eyes open when you buy or sell on Craigslist and don't do business with anyone who seems sketchy.

  1. Avoid Craigslist scams by always arranging to meet the person buying or selling the product. Have them come to your house to pick it up, or arrange to meet in a public place. If you are buying something, go to meet them and bring another person with you.

  2. If someone offers to pay you more than you're asking for an item, but only if you'll take their certified check, say no. Many Craigslist scams involve a buyer asking you to cash a certified check for more than the item is worth. You'll keep what you asked for and refund the extra money to the buyer. These Craigslist scams work because you have no way of telling whether or not the certified check is fraudulent. If it is a fake check, you'll be on the hook for giving the bank its money back after it discovers the certified check was a fake. You'll most likely have no way of contacting the buyer to demand your money back.

  3. Don't let a buyer mail you a certified check later on. People may want to take the item you're selling on Craigslist, leave a down payment and then mail you a check later. Odds are you will never see that certified check, so turn them down.

  4. Cash is king. The best way to avoid all Craigslist scams take cash and make sure you receive all of it up front. Don't be afraid to count the money in front of them, even if doing so seems rude.

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