How To Avoid Farting During Sex

If you suffer from bad flatulence, then you may be concerned with how to avoid farting during sex. Women hate it when a guy lets rip with a fart during sex, and nothing can ruin the romantic mood faster. Of course, everyone experiences the release of digestive gas everyday which causes burping and farting. The key is learning what causes excessive farting and learning how to manage your emissions so that it doesn't happen while you're trying to have sex with your partner. If you are aware of the things which can cause flatulence and follow the listed suggestions, then you should be able to reduce your excess gas to a manageable level. Whatever the case, be sure to follow these precautions prior to having sex so that you don't ruin the mood with an untimely fart.

  1. There are some common causes of flatulence which you should avoid in order to reduce the amount of gas you are passing every day. Here are some of the things that cause you to fart which should be avoided: Swallowed air from nervous gulping, gum chewing, consuming your food too fast, and even drinking through a straw; Foods that contain a lot of fiber, especially beans and peas; Fiber supplements which contain psyllium; Soda and beer containing carbonation; Laxatives; Some antibiotics; Food intolerances (dairy intolerance or gluten intolerance); Artificial sweeteners found in gum and candy.
  2. Additionally, there are some serious medical conditions which cause excess gas and bloating as symptoms. If you are experiencing severe abdominal pain, excessive flatulence, diarrhea or weight loss, then make an appointment to see your physician. If your doctor diagnoses a food intolerance or medical condition, then he should be able to suggest a treatment for reducing your excessive flatulence.
  3. If there is no medical condition, then consider one of the following suggestions as a means of reducing farting: Avoid behavior that results in swallowing excessive air; Avoid foods such as beans and peas which are very high in fiber; Avoid beer and soda which are carbonated; Try to figure out which foods you are sensitive too and then avoid those foods prior to having sex; Drink peppermint tea which may alleviate digestive problems; Take a lactase supplement if you have a food intolerance of dairy; Try an over the counter remedy such as Beano, activated charcoal or a product containing simethicone as an active ingredient.
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