How to Avoid Football Injuries

Football by its nature is a violent sport, but a few tips can teach you how to avoid football injuries. Keeping these in mind will help you have a fun, competitive time, but leave the field in one piece.

  1. Use sound techniques. Your coaches will teach you the proper techniques for blocking, tackling, etc. To avoid football injuries, follow their advice, as they have years of experience and have seen the results of bad technique taken off the field on a stretcher. Coaches will tell you the do’s and don’ts – such as not leading with the top of your helmet and not leaving yourself unprotected when running with the ball – that will keep you safe.
  2. Stay conditioned. Staying in good shape will help you avoid football injuries. When you get tired on the field you start to get sloppy.  Your technique slips, you find yourself out of position, and you can’t fully prepare for contact that might be coming your way. Keep your cardio great and stay in top form and you’re more likely to stay safe.
  3. Lift weights. It’s no secret that most success in football comes down to the bigger and stronger team imposing its will on the weaker one. If you lift weights you will keep up your bulk and your muscle mass and your frame will be better prepared to receive and deliver violent hits. Hitting the gym is a key to be able to avoid football injuries.
  4. Wear all of your equipment. Some professional players these days forgo the knee and thigh pads of their uniform to be quicker. Don’t do this. To avoid football injuries wear all the standard-issue equipment your coaches give you. It is also important that it fits you well—for instance, make sure your helmet is properly inflated to provide maximum cushion and protection.
  5. Watch “the pile.” Many injuries occur at the end of the play as players stand around the ball carrier and the pile of defenders on top of him. If you stand here idly, the last player or two who flies in may inadvertently make contact with your leg or knee, causing it to buckle or bend the wrong way. As long as bodies are flying around on the field you should stay alert…and to avoid football injuries you should not hang around the pile at the end.
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