How To Avoid Getting Bored Of Sex

Learning how to avoid getting bored of sex is something that hopeful everyone can accomplish. Sex is not supposed to be boring. It should be an intense pleasurable experience shared between two people. Yes, there is probably not going to be fireworks every time two people lock up, but sex should never become a chore. It should be something you yearn for and cannot resist. If you need a little spicing up between the sheets, then try some of these sex tips, and you will never get bored of sex again. 

  1. Appreciate the tease factor. The number one reason a person becomes bored of sex is because they take it for granted. So, the next time you and your partner find yourself in a heated wrestling match; instead of just taking your clothes off and going at it like monkeys, try teasing each other.  This can be a great turn on, and will keep things spicy. 
  2. Go at it like monkeys. Another reason sex can become boring is because people try to make it out to be more that what it is. The desire for sex is based on pure animalistic instinct. So instead of making every singe sexual encounter intimate and romantic, try just going at it.  Enjoy the pure raw animalistic power of sex. 
  3. Get out of the bedroom. When it comes to having good sex, location can be everything. Try new places: the kitchen, the car, the office, wherever. New locations can add an element of adventure and danger.
  4. Talk about it with your partner. Of course, probably the best way to avoid getting bored of sex is to simply talk about it with your partner. If the two of you have open minds, and are willing to try whatever it takes to please the other person, then there really is no telling what you will come up with. 
  5. Do not be afraid of new positions. Get yourself a book on the Kama Sutra and have at it. Make it a point to try something new every month, week, or even day.  Keep in mind that while not every position will be for everyone, you will never know until you try. 
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