How To Avoid High Blood Pressure

Now is the time to learn how to avoid high blood pressure. The startling truth is that high blood pressure is associated with obesity, enlarged heart, brain aneurysm, and many other complications. Some people feel that high blood pressure is genetic and therefore do not take the proper precautions to prevent it. While it is true that genetics can play a factor in high blood pressure it can definitely be prevented.

  1. The first item to avoid high blood pressure is weight maintenance. The statistics show that being overweight more than doubles the chances of developing high blood pressure. To further complicate the issue, the amount of weight carried around the midsection or what is referred to as a spare tire or love handles can significantly impact blood pressure. To prevent this, a diet high in cardiovascular exercise is a must. Crunches and abdominal exercises while great will not tighten the area until the actual fat is burned. Walking and bike riding can significantly contribute to weight loss around the midsection and thus help to avoid high blood pressure.
  2. Healthy eating choices will not only assist with preventing high blood pressure, but also assist with other potential ailments. A diet needs to be high in fruits and vegetables and low in fat. The consumption of too much of the wrong food not only causes weight gain but stresses the body. Fresh food is a great tool in avoiding high blood pressure.
  3. Often busy lifestyles and budgets do not allow determine what each person eats. Sodium intake is a major contributor to high blood pressure. When attempting to avoid high blood pressure, it is a good idea to read sodium contents on the labels. Try frozen vegetables versus canned vegetables, which have a high sodium content. Be sure to remember that even a can of vegetables has a great deal less sodium then a bag of chips. Choose food wisely.
  4. When considering how to avoid high blood pressure, alcohol consumption must always be a consideration,. Alcohol, along with salt, has been directly linked to high blood pressure. Getting drunk or even consuming more than two drinks at once can significantly increase blood pressure. As is the case with food, it is best to pay attention to how much alcohol is consumed to prevent raising blood pressure. If possible eliminating alcohol altogether will aid in the the prevention of high blood pressure.
  5. Last, but certainly not least. The most famous cause of high blood pressure is stress. Stress has been linked with various ailments throughout the body. It is no wonder that avoiding stress is one of the best ways to avoid high blood pressure. Relaxation techniques, yoga, exercise, reading a good book, and meditation are all ways to lower stress and thus potentially lower high blood pressure.

The statistics show that half of the people who have high blood pressure are not even aware that they do. Lifestyle choices in particular food, alcohol, exercise, and stress can directly effect the chances of developing high blood pressure. To prevent high blood pressure simply daily changes can be made. What is more important than good health?

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