How To Avoid Longboarding Crashes

Learning how to avoid longboarding crashes is very important for surfers who tend to visit popular surf spots where there are a lot of other people. Crashes are frustrating, and they can also lead to injury, and there are a few things that longboard surfers can do from running into each other. Following is some basic advice on how to avoid longboarding crashes.

How to Avoid Longboarding Crashes

  1. First, whenever possible, surf secluded areas. Popular surf spots are often very crowded, as surfers, body boarders, and swimmers all congregate where the nice beaches and good waves are found, so see if you can find a nice spot that others do not know about. If you can be one of the few people on the water, chances of crashing with your longboard are greatly reduced.
  2. If you must surf popular areas, try to go when the beach and water is not too crowded. Early morning, dusk, and weekdays may be the best times to go longboarding, as other times will usually have high volumes of beachgoers and surfers.
  3. There are also some things that you can physically do to avoid crashes. If you can really get the hang of the sport, you can steer clear of close calls with others on the water. Practice your turning, until you can turn sharply, making quick cuts of at least forty-five degrees while surfing waves. You may have to visit uncrowded beaches that have smaller waves, but this skill is very important. Try to make it so that you can really steer clear of potential collisions on the water.
  4. To avoid longboarding crashes, even if you have excellent control of your board and can turn sharply, you must be aware. Make sure you know where other surfers and swimmers are, so that you do not have to experience close calls on the water. Before surfing any wave, look all around you, and decide which direction you want to go accordingly.

Learning how to avoid longboarding crashes is very important for surfing safety. Try to stay away from crowds, and work on you turning so that you can physically steer clear of others, and always be as aware as you can. If you can do these things, problems will likely not arise.

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