How To Avoid Lost Luggage

Since it is such a hassle to find once lost, learning how to avoid lost luggage in the first place is crucial knowledge for care-free travel. Lost luggage is more common on airlines than in buses or taxis, but it does happen on all three. There are various ways to help avoid lost luggage before embarking on an airplane trip; here are a few such ways.

  1. Carry it on if you can. Most airlines allow you to carry on two bags. However, this is getting more difficult with all the new carry-on rules popping up everywhere.
  2. Label your luggage before you leave home. Use baggage labels on the outside of each to avoid lost luggage later.
  3. Also label your luggage on the inside. Tape a card with your name and address to the inside of each bag, as well as an itinerary and tickets, in case the exterior tags fall off.
  4. Color-code your bag. This may seem like overkill, but it will help you avoid lost luggage as well as to identify it in the instance that it does become lost. Roll some brightly colored tape around the handles of your bags.
  5. Take a picture of your bags. Print it out and keep it with your passport in your carry-on to help identify your luggage in case it does become lost.
  6. Tear off old tags. Make sure there is no old flight information on your luggage.
  7. Label your luggage at the airport. Besides the baggage labels that come with your bags, also label your luggage with the airport’s labels.

It is better to avoid lost luggage than to try finding it once it is lost. Luggage can become lost anywhere you go, but it is most common when luggage is placed in the plane’s cargo hold. Follow the above tips to help avoid losing your luggage altogether.



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