How To Avoid Mountain Climbing Accidents

If you are a mountain climber, one of you main goals is to learn how to avoid mountain climbing accidents. Mountain climbing accidents can happen whether you are a beginner ascending a very basic route, or if you are an experienced Sherpa climbing Mount Everest. In order to prevent mountain climbing accidents, you want to control as many variables as possible while planning for the worst case scenario. Here are some ways you can prevent mountain climbing accidents:

  1. Get the proper mountain climbing gear. Prevent mountain climbing accidents with the right mountain climbing gear. For example, if you are climbing in icy conditions, you will need an ice pick. Make sure all old gear is replaced before you climb (e. g. climbing ropes should be replaced if they have been through a few hard falls or if they are showing signs of wear like an exposed core). Crampons and snow shoes are essentials for many mountains.
  2. Prepare for the weather. If you are mountain climbing in an area with lightning or other extreme conditions, you should learn how to protect yourself. This includes being prepared to stay on the mountain longer than you intended. It also includes having warmer, emergency clothes and knowledge of how to escape lightning.
  3. Consider emergency devices. Emergency devices include emergency cell phones, avalanche probes and personal location devices. The emergency devices you choose will depend of what type of mountain you are climbing and what the most common risks are. At the least you should take an emergency cell phone, water and a first aid kit.
  4. Respect the mountain. Above all, in order to avoid a mountain climbing accident, you must respect the mountain you are climbing. One of the worst climbing accidents in the United States occurred on Mount Hood in 2002. This mountain is often ascended by beginners and is not traditionally thought of as a dangerous mountain, but it became deadly when inexperienced climbers lost their footing on a steep part of the mountain.
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