How To Avoid Paying Child Support Lien On Settlement

The truth is you can’t avoid paying child support lien on settlement. Once a lien has been filed you will be unable to avoid paying back child support. The key to reducing the lien amount is to negotiate directly with the other parent. Child support liens are taken very seriously. Often this is because the state has an interest in making sure your financial obligations are paid to your children. This is because if you aren’t making your child support payments the state may be obligated to pay for food stamps, medical coverage, or cash allotments to offset the lack of payment from the other parent. This creates an interest for tax payers and therefore the government to ensure that child support liens are paid. However, liens can still be negotiated with the person you owe child support to. 

  1. Sit down and talk. In order to at least decrease the amount you will pay on a child support lien you will need to discuss it with the lien holder.
  2. Talk to the person you owe child support to about not using lawyers. Lawyers are extremely expensive and can lower the amount the lien holder would end up getting anyway. 
  3. Try to reason with the custodial parent. Use a financial standpoint to argue (nicely) why it is in their best interest to lower it to a realistic amount that you will be able to pay every month.
  4. Approach with a kind attitude. Face it, people get angry when they have mouths to feed and no child support. Offer a genuine apology for getting behind on child support. Often a new attitude about supporting your children can help lower the amount you would have to pay on a child support lien. 
  5. Offer a sincere apology. Even if you don’t mean it, this can help your position in negotiations. People often get bitter and hold grudges. You might be doing the same. Change your attitude and accept responsibility for being behind on child support. Sometimes a sincere apology and a good attitude can change the tone of your relationship with your children’s other parent.
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