How To Avoid Peeing During Sex

Sometimes women can find it very hard to learn how to avoid peeing during sex, especially if you're trying out certain positions or techniques. Here are a few suggestions to help your girl hold it during sex.

  1. Avoid positions that put pressure on the bladder. Depending on the individual shape of each partner’s body it may help to avoid certain sex positions if you want to help her avoid peeing during sex. For example, any position that involves penetration from behind is likely to put a lot of stress on the bladder and surrounding areas. Instead, you might experiment more with girl-on-top positions to find one that benefits both of you. As a plus, girl-on-top sex gives the woman extra clitoral stimulation!
  2. Ensure she urinates before sex. While most women know that it is in the best interest of their urinary tract health to use the bathroom before sex, many women who suffer from incontinence don’t take the time to urinate before-hand in order to avoid peeing during sex. Since it’s very easy to get caught up in the moment you may have to help remind her to do this.
  3. Strengthen the muscles. If she’s finding it very hard to avoid peering during sex even after trying different positions and urinating before-hand, you might consider asking her to practice Kegel exercises. The purpose of these exercises is to help tone the pelvic floor muscles which should help prevent her from leaking any urine during play time. The easiest way to do this is to pretend you are trying to stop the flow of urine. However, please note that it is not a good idea to continually do this while actually urinating.
  4. See a qualified physician. If she is finding it impossible to avoid peeing during sex she should consider making an appointment to be checked out by a doctor. There are various non-surgical techniques for dealing with incontinence that they may prescribe.

It can be very difficult for both partners when the woman is not able to avoid peeing during sex, unless of course it’s an intentional part of the play. Generally, it’s as simple as avoiding certain positions and working on toning the pelvic floor muscles. However, sometimes when she cannot avoid peeing during sex it is an indication of a much more serious problem. You should always consult with a doctor before trying any at-home remedies.

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