How To Avoid A Person Who Keeps Staring At You

We've all been in the situation-you're out in public and start to feel uncomfortable because you can't figure out how to avoid a person who keeps staring at you. Not even sure why the person is staring at you, your eyes keep going back to the person and you continue to feel uncomfortable. You check your hair, clothes, and what's behind you to figure out why the person is staring at you. You just want the uncomfortable situation to end. To put an end to the situation you need to stop or avoid the person staring at you.

  1. Decide who it is staring at you. Is it just some freak, do you recognize the person but not their name, is it just a random looking person who keeps staring at you? Before you avoid or take action to make the person stop, know their type. Some people are just scary and have the Charles Manson stare at all times. Maybe the person is just spacing out and picked you to fixate their eyes on. It could also be someone you really ticked off but don't recognize them.
  2. Avoid the freaks. If you think the person is the Charles Manson type and looks mentally unstable, it is best to avoid the stare. Turn your side so you are facing someone or something other than the person who keeps staring at you. Look at the ceiling, count the tiles, pull lint off your shirt-whatever it takes not to look back at the person who is staring at you.
  3. Stare back at the person. If the person doesn't look crazy, stare back rather than avoid a person who keeps staring at you. Make a funny face or stick your tongue out at the person who keeps staring at you. Don't worry about their reaction; you don't know the person and won't see them again. Staring back or making a funny face will make most people stop staring.
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