How To Avoid Property Tax

Would you like to know how to avoid property tax? Many investors pay inflated taxes for property due to government over-estimation of asset value. This means that best  way to avoid paying excessive or high property taxes is ensuring that property has been correctly valued by the government. This can be done through use of a variety of legal and effective methods.

  1. The first step is to learn the value of and examine the properties that surround your own. Any properties that surround your own and have similar features should be priced equally to your own. A holistic approach is necessary for this step, you must take in every aspect of the property that could affects its value.
  2. Compare your property with the ones you found in step one to determine if your property is over-valued. Once you have done some research, it is time to compare the differences and similarities of your property to similar, and similarly valued properties. Every aspect of the properties must be considered; it would be a good idea to discuss your opinions with the own as he may be able to offer some insight as to the source of any inconsistencies.
  3. If you discover some  inconsistencies, then examine the description of your property issued by your local government for any errors. Now that you have an idea as to whether or not your land has been properly valued, you can examine any descriptions offered by the government for errors. Carefully check for important mistakes such as property value or classification.
  4. Build your case, and present it to the governing body that reviews property tax issues. Compile any errors that you would like to contest and schedule an appointment with the body that regulates property tax in your location. Be sure to identify specific examples of how your property has been valued differently from other, similar properties.
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