How To Avoid Smelling Bad After Exercise

You want to work out and stay fit, but you also want to learn about how to avoid smelling bad after exercise.  No one wants to smell like a sweat factory after exercising at the gym. Now you can have the best of both worlds if you remember a few simple tips for before and after you exercise.

  1. Exercise clothing Wear cotton fabric or exercise clothing that is designed to absorb sweat and help you avoid smelling bad. This type of clothing is also meant to keep you cool when working out.
  2. Gym bag of stuff If you are comfortable taking a shower at the gym, take an extra change of clothing and bring your deodorant. This is a surefire way to avoid smelling bad after exercise.
  3. Sponge bath Some men and people in general would prefer not to shower at the gym. The idea of germs may be too much. If this is you, take a wash cloth and wash under your arms after your exercise to avoid smelling bad. Bring a couple of wash cloths so you have one for wiping sweat and one for cleaning you under arms.
  4. Pack light Take a small back pack filled with wet wipes. And maybe keep a small bottle of cologne inside to help you avoid smelling bad.
  5. Exercise at home Another option is to just exercise at home. Then you don't have to worry about the same germs, and you have all your exercise equipment and after exercise wash cloths right at home so you avoid smelling bad.

Try applying these gym ideas to your exercise routine and you should be able to avoid smelling bad after exercise.

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