How To Avoid Track Cycling Crashes

It’s important to learn how to avoid track cycling crashes if you plan on participating in this high speed event. Track cycling involves closed courses for cyclists to race at high speeds using specialized cycling bicycles. Due to the high speeds of the cyclists, injuries are likely to occur if proper safety is not practiced. Proper safety includes paying attention to your surroundings, having the proper bike, and practicing proper cycling etiquette.

  1. Use the correct cycling bike. Not just any bike will do when participating in track cycling. You must use the correct cycling bike on cycling tracks to decrease the risk of injury to yourself and others. Never use a mountain bike or other bikes not suited for this high speed sport.
  2. Always being aware of your surroundings. While on the track, always take note to where other cyclists are on the track. Stay very aware on the track to avoid crashing into other cyclists and to reduce the risk of an unexpected event on the track.
  3. Practice proper etiquette on the track. Track cycling involves practicing an certain etiquette to keep all cyclists safe. This etiquette includes not cutting other cyclists off, swerving all over the track, and making unexpected movements while on the track. This etiquette is in place for everyone’s safety.

Because track cycling is considered to be a somewhat dangerous sport, it’s important to learn how to avoid track cycling crashes. While crashes can’t completely be avoided, you can decrease your risk for being involved in a track cycling crash.



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