How To Baby Freeze

Bboy dancing has been gaining popularity for its inspired, challenging moves, and learning how to baby freeze can help you in your quest to master this form of dancing. While all of the moves take practice and time to get just right, the baby freeze is not difficult, and can be perfected with just a little work. Of course, all that hard work pays off when you can show off your moves at the next party.

  1. Place your arms shoulder width apart on the floor with your head down. Make sure your body is centered, with your weight mostly on your stomach. Your dominant hand, or power hand, should be higher than your non-dominant hand and farther out from your body.
  2. Lift your legs up into the air in a scissor motion. Scissor your legs back and forth a few times to get the hang of it. Make sure not to lift your legs too high. Your knees should be about even with your elbows, not way up in the air. This is the first phase of the baby freeze.
  3. Shift your knees to your dominant elbow. After your primary scissor move, bring each leg around to your dominant elbow for two scissor rotations. Then go back down to the floor to re-center.
  4. Keep your dominant arm out, not close to your body, to help keep your balance. After centering yourself, try the move all at once, combining all the moves together. The complete baby freeze should start with a scissor, followed by scissor kicks with knees swinging around to your dominant elbow, and then end with your body centered again. The baby freeze can easily be combined into a routine, as it only requires that you start with your arms and head on the ground.

Safety first. Be sure to listen to your body and don't try any moves in an unsafe environment. Bboy dancing can be very fun, but the baby freeze can also be potentially dangerous if not practiced safely. Be sure to master each step before moving on to the next one.

Stretch before practicing so you do not strain your muscles. Nothing will end your bboy dancing sooner than a broken bone or pulled muscle.

Source: Breakdance-Step-by-Step DVD

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