How To Babymill In Breakdancing

Learning how to babymill in breakdancing means first having an understanding of how to pull off a decent windmill when you're dancing. Like a lot of the moves that exist in the breakdancing genre, the babymill is a variation of an original move. In the competitive world of a breakdancer, moves very rarely stay static. There is a fundamental need at the very core of this type of dancing for there to be constant change, and constant upgrading of moves. In Hip Hop, breakdancing is about besting your opponent. The only way to do that is to constantly develop new and more acrobatically inclined maneuvers to challenge your opponents. The babymill is one of many examples of a dancer bringing something new to the arena in an attempt to shock and awe the crowd by putting a new twist on an already awesome move. Here's how to successfully pull of a babymill.

  1.  Origins. In order to learn how to babymill in breakdancing, you need to first know how to pull off a windmill. The truth is, the babymill is nothing more than a modification of the windmill by a change in leg placement during your spinning. By understanding the windmill, the babymill will be a piece of cake.
  2. Starting position. Start out on all fours with your chest facing the floor. You should also be on your knees. Your going to fold your arms into your stomach so that your elbows are pushed into your gut.. Push your arms inward and criss-cross them so you have a decent base. You'll actually be using them as well as your head to complete the spinning. Slightly arch your back.
  3. Leaning. Lean one of your shoulders towards the mat while still arching your back. Can you see where this is headed? You're going to initiate your Windmill by spinning on the base you created with your folded arms and head.
  4. Starting your spin. Listen carefully because this is important. The first spin is the one that gets all of your momentum going to complete the windmill move. You're going to roll down the shoulder you're leaning on. It is important that whichever side you decide to initiate your roll, the leg of that side has to be elevated as well or it'll get in the way of your spin. Lift your folded arms during the spin to create the base we mentioned earlier.  This will help you to complete a full rotation as well as protect you from busting your nose. Basically you'll be spinning from your upper back to your arms and head and back again. Once you get going, you can actually use your elbows and arms to keep the momentum going by pushing off the mat when they make contact with it. As your timing improves, you'll actually be able to use your arms to push you then quickly get them back into the folded position when you rotate over to your chest. Remember, for a windmill, your legs need to be extended.
  5. The Babymill. So, what's the difference between the babymill and the windmill?. It's nothing more than the positioning of your legs. The babymill was named that because when done correctly you look like a fetus rolling around. In order to do a babymill, all you have to do is fold your legs into the fetal position while spinning. Everything else stays the same. Your hand mechanics and arched back to not change. And that friends, is the babymill.
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