How To Back Flip On A BMX Bike

Once you have have a BMX bike, it is only a matter of time before you will want to know how to back flip on a BMX bike. Doing a back flip on a BMX bike can be very dangerous, please consult with your physician before attempting anything at all. Beyond the advice in this article, it may still take several day, months or years to get this trick down. It is a very serious trick that could leave you dead if done incorrectly. Before starting you are going to make sure you want the following.

  • A very good bike, in tune. This should be a bike made specifically for  BMX.
  • Proper clothing and protection. You will want at the least a helmet. You may also want gloves and pads for your arms and legs.
  • A large ramp, but not too large. You need a ramp large enough to get distance and height off of, but not so large that you have no momentum after leaving the ramp.

This is how to do the trick.

  1. Ride quickly towards a ramp. Keep your center of gravity and air friction low by lowering your head and making way.
  2. Get real low before leaving ramp. Lower and brace yourself when approaching ramp.
  3. Raise up quickly. Start the jump by raising your body from the beginning of contact with the ramp. The jump will be a transition from low to high. After leaving the ramp you will want to continue raising till you are basically standing.
  4. Tilt head back at the height of jump to cause backwards motion. When raising off the bike in step 3 you want to thrust yourself completely in a backwards flipping manner. The tilting back part must take place after leaving the ramp. Much of the backwards flipping power will come from this upwards thrusting with the back, and arms.
  5. Finish the flip by lowering yourself towards the bike. Once you have almost fully rotated, this motion will help finish the flip. Pulling yourself back to the back after doing 3/4th the flip will help you land safely. Lower yourself to the bike slowly enough to brace the impact and land smoothly.
  6. Congratulations on finishing a professional BMX trick! Make sure to keep your feet even when taking off and landing. Not doing so may work, but will more often lead to failure or injury.

Keep in mind that this is a very dangerous trick and could kill you. It would be best to either find personal instruction, or set up your own foam pit to practice in. The foam pit would need to be large, the size would depend on the jump you are going to perform. There are camps for bikers which would also be a good idea to look in to. At these camps they have foam pits and can teach you to do this trick beyond this article.

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