How To Back Side Power Slide On A Longboard

Learning how to back side power slide on a longboard is taking an old-school skateboard trick and applying it to the longboard. A back side power slide is a great street trick, and an easy one to pull off. This article will examine how you can pull off a back side power slide on a longboard. The back side power slide is a great way to break in trucks and bearings, too. Check out the details below to learn this trick; the routine is easy, making the back side power slide a logical progression trick.

To back side power slide on a longboard, you will need:

  • A longboard
  • Skateboarding safety gear
  • Room to roam
  1. Make sure you spend a few moments warming up. Ride around a bit, checking out the area. Be certain that your gear is on and your longboard is mechanically sound.
  2. Ride around until you are ready. As you approach your trick location, bend down on the board. Place your dominant hand on the front of the board.
  3. Lean backwards, holding out your other hand behind you. Turn into a backwards turn. The longboard will slide inward in a semi circle. The longboard wheels should grind against the pavement.
  4. Once you complete the 180 turn, release the board. Straighten up and continue longboarding. This completes the trick.

Be sure to wear your safety gear. This trick is the most fun on asphalt or at a cement skate park.



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