How To Back Spin

Learning how to back spin is one of the easiest and most recognized breakdancing moves. You've seen people get out on the middle of the floor and break out in an impressive back spin. Trying to attempt this move without instructions may prove to be a bit complicated, but this article will show you exactly how to successfully perform a back spin along with some helpful tips.

  1. Wear the right clothes. In order to do a good back spin you want to wear fabrics that are smooth in texture. Bulky or heavily textured clothing can make spinning harder and uncomfortable.
  2. Get into the spinning position. Sit down on the floor with your right leg straight and your left leg bent at the knees. Prop yourself up on your right hand so that your bottom is slightly off the floor. Your left leg should be bent back far enough so that your calf is touching your thigh.
  3. Start spinning. Quickly kick your left leg over your right leg. This will cause you to briefly land on your side and then roll onto your back. Do this move very quickly so that the momentum will cause you to start spinning. Pull your legs in and hold them close to your body with your arms wrapped around them.
  4. Practice spinning. Although back spins are fairly easy to learn they still require practice and patience. To help you learn how to back spin effectively, practice doing windmill kicks on the floors. This will help you perfect the motion you need to gain momentum through your hips.
  5. Take it up a level. To spin faster, try getting as much of your lower back off the floor as possible during your spin. To spin longer, draw your legs and arms in as close to your body as possible.
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