How To Backflip A Dirt Bike

Have you been riding dirt bikes for awhile and want to learn how to backflip a dirt bike? It's a pain to do but once you can pull off doing a back-flip on a dirt bike you wow almost anyone. That's if they don't know how to do a blackflip on a dirt bike in the first place. Now before we get started on teaching you how to back-flip a dirt bike make sure you practice this over a foam pit. Do not try this on an actual jump until you have master this over a foam pit. One wrong move and you can end up being paralyzed for the rest of your life.

  1. The first step to learning how to backflip a dirt bike is to be completely focused before trying to perform a back-flip. If you have something on your mind try performing a back-flip at a later time. One mistake could cost you your life even if your performing this over a foam box. What if you miss the foam box because you were not focused enough?

  2. The second step to learning how to backflip a dirt bike is to start your bike off in third gear. If you have an automatic transmission, you do not need to worry about this step.

  3. The third step to learning how to backflip a dirt bike is once you're in the air, release the gas and learn forward. You will be performing the backflip try not to freak out. When you are going to land slowly, throttle the bike so you do not come to a dead stop once you have landed the backflip. If you happen to crash put that image to the back of your head. It can make you panic and do something unnecessary when performing a backflip on your dirt bike.

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