How To Backflip On Skis

Need to know how to backflip on skis? By keeping some basic guidelines in mind, you can learn how to do a backflip while on skis. While doing a backflip may seem difficult and challenging at first, with practice you will become a skilled expert. Your friends won't believe that you learned this trick on your own—they'll be begging you for free ski lessons!

  1. Before attempting to do a backflip on skis, you must find a ramp. This will help to shoot you into the air. Once you find a ramp that is appropriate for your skiing ability level, ski towards the ramp. Make sure to increase your speed as you move towards the ramp in preparation for your backflip.
  2. As you approach the ramp, tilt your head up towards the sky. You should be looking upwards as you take off from the ramp. Once you have reached the top of the ramp, kick your feet and skis upwards. The skis should end up over your head, with your head still tilted backwards.
  3. For advanced skiers, consider increasing your rotation by tucking your knees into your chest. This will results in faster and more frequent flips. As you are rotating, look for the ground and anticipate where your landing spot will be.
  4. Finally, land the flip. Initially the skier should stand tall, and then bend his knees and ankles in order to absorb as much shock as is possible. Practice doing backflips on skis as much as possible in order to achieve optimal results. Practicing this move will make you more confident and will prevent injury.
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