How To Backside 180 Goofy

Learning how to backside 180 goofy on a snowboard is kick ass and learning how to pull it off can be loads of fun. One-eighities are the simplest rotations to learn. Learning to do a backside 180 is a bit more of a challenge than the standard but not much more of a trick to pull off. The backside 180 is as it sounds; you will be going into the landing backside. To add a little more to the backside 180, perform it goofy. This means lead the trick with your left foot. No worries! The backside 180 is cake to pull off for the experienced snowboarder.

This article will describe the process for the backside 180. It will get you out on the mountain and in the proper form to pull it off. Setting the mechanics, however, is all on the snowboarder.

What you will need to pin this trick:

  • Freestyle snowboard
  • Downhill ramp
  • Snowboarding gear
  • Expert snowboarding level
  1. Be certain all your gear is on and properly fitted. Take a few downhill runs to check the elements and terrain. Once you have covered all the bases, head back up hill and get ready to perform.
  2. Approach the jump at a fair speed. Air will be required to pull this trick off. As you hit the apex of the ramp, turn your hips slightly. Pull the knees up and get into a controlled position.
  3. Look towards the nose of the board as you continue the rotation. Watch the nose. If you turn to look for your landing you will make this a 270 or even a 360. Remember, you are landing backside.
  4. Stick it nose first. Pin the board to the snow and complete the trick. To perform this trick goofy, remember lead with your left foot.


  • Take this one seriously even though it is not top-level trick. All tricks are dangerous and take proper skill and technique to pull off.
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