How To Backup PS3 Saved Data On External Disk

All PS3 owners should learn how to back up PS3 saved data on external disks. Playing games is hard work, and nothing is more frustrating than spending hundreds of hours building the perfect save file and then losing it all to a hard drive failure. Fortunately, Sony provided all the tools necessary to make backing up PS3 saved data to a disk incredibly easy.

To backup PS3 saved data on an external disk, you will need:

  • PS3
  • Storage media

Keep in mind that while you can back up most of your data, copyrighted media may not restore on a different PS3 unit. Your other data should be fine!

  1. Media Selection Most PS3 consoles are compatible with MemoryStick, SD Memory Cards, and CompactFlash cards. All PS3 consoles are compatible with USB memory sticks. If your PS3 does not have the media card slots, you'll need to use a separate card reader. Plug the selected media in to the PS3 console.
  2. Backup Utility Sony foresaw the desire to backup PS3 saved data on an external disk, so they kindly provided the PS3 Backup Utility. You find this useful tool in the Settings menu on your XMB (cross media bar). Just navigate to the Backup Utility, open it up, and you're good to go.
  3. Read and Follow Follow the on-screen instructions. The Backup Utility will backup your PS3 saved data on your external disk, creating the folders "PS3," "Export," and "Backup."
  4. Safeguard There's no sense backing up data to an external disk if the disk is lost, damaged, or erased. Protect it from harm, ideally at a separate location where it can't be harmed by environmental factors. Remember that a fire that destroys your PS3 could also destroy your backed up data if it's nearby!


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