How To Bait Deer

Knowing how to bait a deer is controversial for some people but can be very beneficial for others that find bait more useful to catch deer. Many methods include using a deer feeder, peanut butter or even deer feed to lure their prey into their line of sight. Through the knowledge of skilled hunters and deer guides, hunters can actually increase their effectiveness of the hunt. 

Things you'll need:

  • Knowledge of the area you intend to hunt
  • Deer corn
  • Combination of vegetables, popcorn kernels and an apple
  1. Knowing what area you intend to hunt is key. You want to lay out food that is not something seen in that area on a daily basis. Things, such as corn, if not there, it a good idea to bait the deer with it. 
  2. Deer are more prone to be attracted to greener areas. Places that have more clovers or grassy areas attract more deer to your spot. 
  3. There is a bait pile you can make. The pile should consists of grass food and some kind of deer corn to create the perfect trap. 
  4. If you don't want to use the deer corn, you can actually use a combination of vegetables, popcorn kernels and an apple to attract deer. 
  5. Make sure you mix the fruit, veggies and popcorn together so that the deer will be more attracted to the bait. 

These are only a couple of options for deer bait. The best way is trial and error to actually come across the best way to bait your deer. Hopefully this article is helpful in achieving your hunting goals. 



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