How To Bake Hockey Skates

Knowing how to bake hockey skates gives relief for those who need a way to break in their skates. Baking your skates at home is an option when a skate baking oven cannot be found or is broken. The process is quick and simple when given the correct instructions. Continue reading to learn how to bake hockey skates at home.

To bake hockey skates, you will need:

  • Oven
  • Baking sheet
  • Hockey skates with laces
  1. Warm the stove. Turning the oven to 180 degrees is the first step in how to bake hockey skates. When the appliance reaches the correct temperature, turn it off. Continuing to heat the oven may damage the skates.
  2. Fasten the skates. Lace the hockey skates fully, but keep the tension loose. Later, the hockey footwear will be adjusted. After tying place them on a baking sheet as the procedure continues.
  3. Heat the shoes. Inserting the baking sheet containing skates is a crucial element of baking your hockey skates. Check the condition of the skates every three minutes and watch for when they become soft and malleable. Process should be less than twelve minutes.
  4. Remove and shape. Take the skates out of oven and place on your feet. Tie the shoelaces completely using a firm but not tight tension. Pulling too tight can ruin lacing holes of hockey skates.
  5. Continue shaping. With the skates on, find a relaxing sitting position for about seventeen to twenty minutes, allowing them to mold to your feet. Take the skates off and allow them to cool overnight or a full day.

 You have completed the task of how to bake hockey skates. The information provided assist in shaping new skates to your feet for better comfort and function.


  • Skates may contain additional heat molding instructions.
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