How To Balance Hormones Naturally

Knowing how to balance hormones naturally is gaining a lot of focus lately in health columns and dieting information. The human body's hormones help regulate everything from metabolism to mood changes and as such, they are gaining favor in today’s natural medicine circles. Anyone can gain by learning some simple techniques to balance the body's hormones naturally. Here are some guidelines:

  1. Reduce stress levels to help balance hormones. Higher stress levels can wreak havoc on the human body and its natural hormone levels. Living stress-free may be impossible, but reducing our stress levels and learning to maintain a balance with stress can provide fantastic benefits for the body and the mind. Exercising, meditation, a balanced diet and enjoyable hobbies are all good methods of dealing with and reducing stress. Not only do these activities reduce stress, they will also act in their own ways to help balance hormones naturally.
  2. Actively balance your hormones naturally. Getting more activity included in your daily routine will help you balance hormones and reduce stress. There is no need to join a club or buy equipment to do this; you can increase your activity very easily each day. Spending ten minutes in the morning doing simple exercises like jumping jacks and stretching will increase your activity levels significantly. Add a ten minute walk during a work break or throughout your day can also increase your activity levels. Stretching and/or walking in place during commercial breaks while watching TV can add another ten minutes of activity for a full 30 minutes each day. Can you think of some other changes you can add?
  3. Skip the diet craze and just eat healthier. We have all heard that diets don’t work, so why try? Instead of looking for a new diet, try to make nutritional changes in simple ways to help balance hormone levels. Substitute water for soft drinks once or twice a day. Add vegetables and whole grains in your meal plans. Start filling your plate with vegetables and add in potatoes and meats. Don’t start a diet by reducing food, just eat more variety. Fruits, vegetables and whole grains are very good for your body and leveling out hormone levels. These foods help our bodies regulate themselves and when you start by adding a variety of foods into your meal plans, you will start to feel better and this makes other changes even easier.
  4. Meditate to reduce stress and balance hormones. Meditation does not have to be complicated. Find a quiet spot or room where you can sit comfortably and enjoy a few minutes of privacy and quiet. Close your eyes and spend five minutes focusing on regular breathing using your diaphragm to breathe. While breathing, count each breath to ten and then start over. Focusing on the breathing and counting will help to take your mind off your stressors and the breathing helps you to relax. Try this technique for one or two weeks and see if this helps you throughout your day to relax.

Try these simple techniques for a week or two and see what a difference it will start to make in your mood and energy levels. When you notice your energy levels going up and your moods increasing, that is not only the hormone levels balancing out, but your overall health getting better–they go hand in hand when it comes to a healthier lifestyle.

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