How To Bar Lace Shoes

Do you want to learn how to bar lace shoes? Bar lacing, also known as straight lacing, is a preferred lacing method in either sports or military because it is easier to cut through the laces when an emergency arises such as a foot injury, sprained ankle, or the like. In terms of fashion, it looks neat and nice on some sneakers or rubber shoes and even in skating shoes.

To bar lace shoes, you will need:

  • Pair of shoes
  • Shoe laces
  1. Place the shoe in front of you facing the heel, and begin by inserting the shoe lace through the first row near the toe cap. Make sure the lace is centered by simply pulling both ends upwards to see if both ends are equal in length. This forms the first bar lace.

  2. Start with the lace on the left. Insert the lace through the second left eyelet and form the second bar lace by pulling it across the shoe tongue to insert it through the second right eyelet.

  3. Pull out the lace from the first right eyelet and insert it through the third right eyelet. It will look like the lace on the right skipped an eyelet. Form the third bar lace by pulling the same lace across the tongue and inserting through the third left eyelet.

  4. Insert the lace from the second right eyelet through the fourth right eyelet then insert it through the fourth left eyelet. This will form the fourth bar lace.

  5. Pull out the lace from the third left eyelet and insert it through the fifth left eyelet then insert it through the fifth right eyelet. This will form the fifth bar lace.

  6. Tie the knot. To finish the bar lacing, simply tie a square bow knot or a double bow knot. If you prefer hiding the ends of the laces, you may simply tuck them in or knot both ends to avoid them from slipping through however this maybe uncomfortable to feel. Another way is to tie both ends together with a simple overhand knot and hide it inside the insole. There should be some distance from the last row of eyelets to the knot so you can slip the insole through and lay the insole flat inside the shoe hiding the laces.

  7. Repeat the same steps with the other pair of shoe.


  • For shoes with an odd number of eyelet pairs, tying the knot to end bar lacing may be quite difficult, since the bar lacing works best for shoes with even number of eyelet pairs. However, there are several ways to knot the lace, and among them are skipping a pair of eyelets, using a different lacing method on the first  or last rows of eyelet pairs, and tucking in the ends of the laces as mentioned above.

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