How To Bar Lace Tennis Shoes

Knowing how to bar lace tennis shoes offers benefits that are functional and visually pleasing. The shoelace appears as straight lines or bars that appear across the shoe .This creative configuration of shoe lacing adds some spunk to an otherwise boring shoe. Replicating the look seems difficult, but it easy to accomplish. Variations of this type of design are abundant, but the directions given below are bar lacing that has a knot and bow at the top.

To bar lace tennis shoes, you will need:

  • A pair of tennis shoes
  • A pair of tennis shoe laces
  1. Insert the lace. Put shoelace in shoe from the top going inside of the shoe. Each lace end should go in the holes closest to the top of the foot. Inserting the lace of the shoe is the first step in the how to bar lace tennis shoes process. The top lacing should resemble a straight line or ‘bar’.
  2. Position the right side. Make sure that both sides have ample room, then dig in the shoe and find the lacing from the right side hole. Take the end of the lace and bring it up and out of the shoe. Use the eyelet nearest to your ankle. Adjust the cord to allow enough length for tying in the final step.
  3. Begin left side. Reach in the footwear to find the left side lace and continue the bar lacing process. From inside the shoe, proceed to the eyelet above the previous hole. Bring the shoe lace up and out of the shoe.
  4. Do an across motion. Move the cord to the eyelet directly across the shoe making a second ‘bar’ while going in the shoe. Use the end of the lacing and go out of the shoe accessing the opening directly above the previous hole.
  5. Continue. Maintain the up, over and down motion as you learn how to bar lace tennis shoes. The lace should enter the last hole on the left side with the end remaining outside the shoe.
  6. Tie the knot. Make use of both lacing ends to tie and finish the how to bar lace tennis shoes task. Adjust lacing to ensure a comfortable fit, and then lace the other shoe. 
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