How To Barrel Roll On A Snowboard

Anyone who is serious about snowboarding knows or wants to know how to barrel roll on a snowboard. The classic barrel roll is a trick that needs to be practiced repeatedly to get perfect, and thus can take some time. Do not get discouraged quickly; patience really pays off when you are trying to do a barrel roll on a snowboard.

  1. It is suggested that you begin practicing on a trampoline before you go out on a mountain. With just you on the trampoline, practice doing some back flips in the air. Make sure before you land that you look down while you're upside down to properly position yourself when landing. Get comfortable with this. This is the general idea of the trick, so make sure you get the landing down.
  2. Get comfortable doing back flips on your trampoline by yourself. Once you are, you should try it with your snowboard attached to you. The goal here is to basically do the same back flips that you were doing on the trampoline but with the snowboard. As before, make sure you jump high enough to properly flip and rotate. Make sure, like last time, that you look down halfway to get a proper position ready to land in. Landing in the same general area is the goal here as you learn the barrel roll.
  3. Now you've became completely comfortable with practicing on the trampoline. It's time to actually practice performing the barrel roll on a mountain. Before you dive in head first it's suggested you float over the kicker to get a feel for it and the speed of it. Now, start toward your kicker at a higher-than-normal speed to clear the flat of the distance. Have your knees bent as you approach the lip and strike as much as you can from the kicker. Immediately afterwards, tuck your knees close to your chest to get a good rotation for your barrel roll. As you land, look at the ground to find your landing spot. Untuck only after you've made a 270 degree spin. Make sure you land both feet at once.
  4. Practice makes perfect with the barrel roll. Being completely comfortable with practicing on the trampoline will make sure that you are better prepared to actually do the barrel roll. Remember that this trick might take a while to get comfortable with. But once are you comfortable with it, you will find it's completely worth all the extra time spent on it.
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