How To Base Grind Skis

For a smooth ride, every skier needs to learn how to base grind skis.  The base of skis can become worn after a lot of use.  Eventually, you will need to have the skis ground down so that they function properly and you can get a nice smooth ride.  Having a base grind done at a ski shop can be really expensive, but you can base grind your own skis with a few simple steps.

To base grind skis, you will need:

  • Your skis
  • A variable speed belt sander
  • Ptex
  • Wax
  • A low grade sandpaper, such as 220 grit
  1. The first step to base grinding your skis is to apply ptex, which can fill any holes or imperfections that are too deep to be fixed with a base grind.  Follow the directions on the back of the ptex container.  Usually, you need to heat the substance and allow it to drip into any holes on the surface of the skis.
  2. Next, use your variable speed belt sander to slowly grind the base of the skis.  You will need to use a very low grit of sandpaper so that you do not grind off the entire base of your skis.  A 220 grit is a good choice.
  3. Set the speed of the belt sander on low and run your skis through the sander very slowly.
  4. Check your progress frequently to make sure you do not remove too much of the ski's base.
  5. To complete your skis' base grind, you will need to apply a generous layer of wax.  This will allow them to ski smoothly.
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