How To Bathe A Hamster

If you want to do to the best for your furry friend, you're going to want to learn how to bathe a hamster. These little critters require the best of care in order to maintain a healthy coat and a long life, so knowing how to bathe a hamster is the best way of showing your pet that you truly care about its well-being. Spend some quality time with your hamster while helping insure its longevity by keeping it clean with a nice, warm bath.

To learn how to bathe a hamster, you will need:

  • A small bowl, pan or basin
  • Hand soap
  • Two handcloths
  • Your hamster's favorite treats
  1. Fill the pan with warm water. You want the water to be lukewarm at best, as you don't want to freeze or boil your little companion. You shouldn't need too much water either. About two-inches will suffice.
  2. Wet one of the washcloths. Dip the cloth into the water and squeeze out the excess liquid, so the cloth will be damp to the touch but not dripping.
  3. Work some soap into a lather and apply to your hamster. Be careful as to not get soap in the hamster's eyes, nose, ears or mouth. Remember to be gentle and not to squeeze or press too hard; their little bodies are quite delicate and you don't want to scare it while rubbing it with soap. Giving your furry pet a treat will help calm it down and is one of the tricks that makes learning how to bathe a hamster a little easier.
  4. Using the wet washcloth, gently rub the hamster until the soap is gone. Once again, the hamster will start to squirm, so feeding it a treat will help placate the poor critter and make your job a lot easier. Don't squeeze too hard and even work in a little vocal encouragement for your hamster. Mastering the tact and care you need during this part of the process is one of the key parts of learning how to bathe a hamster.
  5. With the dry washcloth, carefully pat your hamster until dry. Use a light series of gentle pats, making sure you're not applying too much pressure with your hands. This will ensure that the hamster both gets completely dry and doesn't get too stressed out during the process.

Knowing how to bathe a hamster is a skill that most people feel is a complicated process. People feel that you need to buy expensive shampoos and speciality brushes to ensure that their hamster's coat remains at its healthiest. In reality, bathing a hamster is something that can be done with everything you have around the house. No matter what, you're always ready to keep your furry little friend looking its best.

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